Re: [Evolution] clipboard integration

On Thu, 2005-07-21 at 11:04 +0800, Not Zed wrote:


He's probably using the popup window mail viewer, which does need the
original window to be around at past time, since it is implemented using

_He_ is :-)  And, if this an explanation of why it's not working then I
consider that a serious flaw/bug in Evo in that it is not integrating
with the clipboard in a way consistent with every other GUI app I have
ever used.  The premise is that all data copied to the clipboard is not
purged from there by simply closing the window from which that data came
- it needs to stay there until purged by replacing it with another
selection or shutting down X.


Please don't CC. me and send to the list - you should know better than
that from what I've seen of your experience and knowledge so far. 

You have contributed many useful hints an solutions in the time I've
been on this list, but I don't think that you do yourself, Evo or the
list any favours by responding like a 15yr old with too much time spent
on PCs and too little interacting with real people - especially as you
come from Ximian.

My concern was a genuine irritation at how Evo wastes my time by
behaving differently to all other office/productivity apps.  By posting
my concern here it has been confirmed that this is how Evo behaves - it
is not a glitch that I can fix on my PC.  In that sense, I have learnt
something and others may have, too.  The purpose of lists, surely?

Should I file a bug on it, then?

Sure, if you want.

I would offer to fix it if I could, but I can't even write a basic bash
script yet, so I'm useless in that way ;-).  By filing a bug, I'm led to
believe that the developers and contributors will give it attention and
try to make Evo consistent with every other office/productivity app.  I
can't begin to imagine why you consider it so dull and wasteful of any
one's time to improve Evo and to make it an app. that will convert many
more to its.  Any successful app is bound to behaving by a set of real
and/or defacto usability standards, at the moment Evo doesn't.


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