[Evolution] I think this is a bug..

This "feature" is something I found "odd", but not worthy of complaining too loudly until today.

The "feature" I speak of, is that any message moved to a named folder, also gets stuck into the Trash folder in the process.  I believe this is not a correct way to do this, but until today I didn't feel it was bad enough to ask for a fix.

Here's the deal.  There is no "undo" I can find, for when I delete  a message by mistake.  Then, when I go to my trash folder... I find it damn near impossible to figure out which message was deleted by mistake among the dozens of "moved" messages I do per day.  If I delete a message by mistake, that I would have moved, it is pure agony to cross reference which one of the messages in Trash, is really the one I deleted.

I ask humbly that someone either add "undo", to reverse a delete (if this exists, I can't find it), and/or make moved messages simply move, and not clutter up the Trash folder.

Paul Coene <pcoene1 rochester rr com>

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