Re: [Evolution] I think this is a bug..

On Fri, 2005-07-15 at 19:17 -0400, Paul Coene wrote:
There is no "undo" I can find, for when I delete  a message by
mistake.  Then, when I go to my trash folder... I find it damn near
impossible to figure out which message was deleted by mistake among
the dozens of "moved" messages I do per day.  If I delete a message by
mistake, that I would have moved, it is pure agony to cross reference
which one of the messages in Trash, is really the one I deleted.

Not a problem once you know ;-)  It is not conventional compared with
other apps, but if you go to the main menu you will find <View><Hide
Deleted Messages>.  Un-tick that option and all the messages you deleted
will again be visible in the folder that they first came to (ie, Inbox
or Inbox/work for example).  Once you see the messages you want
displayed again (with a line through them) then right-click on it and
select <undelete> from the pop-up context menu.  It's that easy :-)

Trash just mirrors these emails as a virtual folder, I believe, so no
need to ever look in trash once you do as described above.


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