Re: [Evolution] Pilot Syncing

You can try the multisync application, they have an Evolution plugin. It
allows you to define synchronization pairs where for you can do things like:

Pair #1 - Evo Personal Calendar ---> Sync4j Server
Pair #2 - Evo Exchange Calendar --> Sync4j Server
Pair #3 - Sync4j Server ---> Palm device

Multisync it self can act as a SyncML client or server, and the Sync4j
server will synchronize with any (most?) SyncML compliant devices. They
even have an Outlook client (not tested), a Blackberry client (didn't
work for me), and a MS-Exchange gateway.

Hope it helps.


Jeremey Wise wrote:

No. But oh do I wish their were... or at least a way to ensure that a
meeting is duplicated across all specified calendars (but I know that
would make for double promptings) Right now I have to manually copy to
get my palm to get both personal and corportate meeting details.

On Sat, 2005-06-18 at 16:56 -0500, Carl Davis wrote:

Is there anyway to sync multiple calendars with my pilot?  I have my
local calendar file that has personal stuff in it.  And I have a webdav
calendar that has Office stuff in it.  I would like to have all events
in my pilot.


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