Re: [Evolution] How to operate on mail messages?

On Fri, 2005-01-21 at 00:54 -0500, R. Drew Davis wrote:
There are a couple of things I sometimes want to do with e-mail that I
haven't been able to figure out how to do with Evolution. 

1-  Sometimes I receive e-mail with layers and layers of headers on it.
(Often a too-forwarded joke).  I'd like to operate on the original mail
message in a text editor to strip out the excess baggage, then
re-incorporate the slimmed down message back into the mail folder and
forward it along.

Not possible.

You can however: just drag the icon next to the expander button above the message headers, and attach the original message.  This only works if its been forwarded as an attachment though.

You can also select some of the text and hit reply, and it will only quote your selection, the addresses can then be changed to create a forward.
2- Sometimes I want to insert a couple of e-mail messages into an
outgoing message as attachments.   I only know how to attach files.
Am I supposed to save the original message as a file of some particular
type so that when inserted back into the outgoing message its back to
being e-mail (perhaps with HTML in it) instead of just going in as text?

By the way, I've noticed when I reply to HTML-formatted e-mail with
plain text mail, that editing the text of the original mail to strip out
portions unnecessary in the reply often results in Evolution 2.0.2 going
into a CPU-busy loop.   Is that a known bug?
not that i know of, file one against gtkhtml with a stack trace


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