RE: [Evolution] exchange 2003

did anyony get evolution to work with exchange 2003?

It's working for me, i have found on a Novell newsgroup the following
settings, which works for me:

Identity Tab:
 Account Name:\username
Receiving Mail Tab:
 Exchange Server:
 Windows Username:\username
 Use SSL: Never
 Authentication Type: Plaintext Password
 Remember password: checked
Receiving Options Tab
Checking for new mail:
 I have mine set to "Automatically check for new mail every 1 minutes" 
(not sure if this is really even necessary though as message appear 
instantly when they are received and not on the minute)
Global Address List / Active Directory:
 Global Catalog server name:
 Limit number of GAL responses is checked and set to 500 (default)
Exchange Server
 Mailbox name: username (i.e., brian)
 OWA path: /exchange
 Public Foler server:
One more thing, forms based authentication IS enabled on the Exchange 
OWA config.

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