[Evolution] Evolution mailbox consistency checker?


1- Is there a tool to detect and correct inconsistencies within the
Evolution mail folders internal structure?

2- How come Red Carpet updates for Evolution on Red Hat 9 seem to have
dried up since 2.0.2 back in October?

The story---

Every once in a while, my notebook PC ends up getting shut down
uncleanly.    I'll spare you the long sad story as to why, but it
sometimes does happen.

Every now and then I've found instances of an Evolution mail folder
smelling funny.    e.g. Evolution will say that I have an unread message
in the folder, but looking through the folder, I see none.   Looking
closer, I've even seen that some recent messages are missing.

My best guess is that this happens from the unclean shut downs.    By
experimentation, I think I've figured out that if I open the mail file
for the folder in question and scan for the message(s) with
X-Evolution:.*-0000 in them, that I will find the unread messages.

My sledge-hammer crude recovery procedure is:

evolution --force-shutdown    # Give it a chance to really be dead.
cd ~/.evolution/mail/local
ls -l $a.*    # Look before applying sledge hammer
rm $a.*         # Remove all the indexing, etc.
#Start up Evolution again and give it time to re-build the folder.
#Now that I can see all the messages, mark off things as read that I've
#indeed read.

Is there an evolution mailbox consistency checker that could do this
more gracefully?   Is there an evolution document somewhere that I
should have read to have known this?   (That is, I'll happily accept an
RTFM response, if you'll kindly point me to The Fancy Manual).

I'm running Evolution 2.0.2 on Red Hat 9.    Semi-often I run the Red
Carpet program in search of updates, but they seem to have dried up
since last October.    (There was some discussion of this elsewhere on
the list, so I guess that is that unless I want to install from source.
Nature's way of telling me I need to invest more energy into getting to
a more contemporary distribution?   I much prefer letting the utilities
figure out what I need and offer me the updates.   Work enough for my
neuron to decide when the time is ripe to accept the risk of doing an
update.  Has there been a formal declaration that Evolution no longer
supports Red Hat 9 with its ongoing development?  That is, how come so
long since fresh updates were offered to me through the usual

My mail is retrieved via POP and the folders are stored as local files
on the PC's local disk.  Only other potentially relevant configuration
factoid I can think of is that the file system is ReiserFS (Reiser 3.6).
If you want to know more, tell me what you want to know and I'll dig it

Any pointers, suggestions or help you can offer will be appreciated.


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