Re: [Evolution] Evolution mailbox consistency checker?

well, redhat 9 is no longer supported, not even by redhat.

as to consistency checker, there isn't one.  but update to a newer version and re-verify before filing bug reports.

On Fri, 2005-01-21 at 00:56 -0500, R. Drew Davis wrote:
> Summary---
> 1- Is there a tool to detect and correct inconsistencies within the
> Evolution mail folders internal structure?
> 2- How come Red Carpet updates for Evolution on Red Hat 9 seem to have
> dried up since 2.0.2 back in October?
> The story---
> Every once in a while, my notebook PC ends up getting shut down
> uncleanly.    I'll spare you the long sad story as to why, but it
> sometimes does happen.
> Every now and then I've found instances of an Evolution mail folder
> smelling funny.    e.g. Evolution will say that I have an unread message
> in the folder, but looking through the folder, I see none.   Looking
> closer, I've even seen that some recent messages are missing.
> My best guess is that this happens from the unclean shut downs.    By
> experimentation, I think I've figured out that if I open the mail file
> for the folder in question and scan for the message(s) with
> X-Evolution:.*-0000 in them, that I will find the unread messages.
> My sledge-hammer crude recovery procedure is:
> evolution --force-shutdown    # Give it a chance to really be dead.
> cd ~/.evolution/mail/local
> a=folder-name
> ls -l $a.*	# Look before applying sledge hammer
> rm $a.*         # Remove all the indexing, etc.
> #Start up Evolution again and give it time to re-build the folder.
> #Now that I can see all the messages, mark off things as read that I've
> #indeed read.
> Is there an evolution mailbox consistency checker that could do this
> more gracefully?   Is there an evolution document somewhere that I
> should have read to have known this?   (That is, I'll happily accept an
> RTFM response, if you'll kindly point me to The Fancy Manual).
> I'm running Evolution 2.0.2 on Red Hat 9.    Semi-often I run the Red
> Carpet program in search of updates, but they seem to have dried up
> since last October.    (There was some discussion of this elsewhere on
> the list, so I guess that is that unless I want to install from source.
> Nature's way of telling me I need to invest more energy into getting to
> a more contemporary distribution?   I much prefer letting the utilities
> figure out what I need and offer me the updates.   Work enough for my
> neuron to decide when the time is ripe to accept the risk of doing an
> update.  Has there been a formal declaration that Evolution no longer
> supports Red Hat 9 with its ongoing development?  That is, how come so
> long since fresh updates were offered to me through the usual
> channels?).   
> My mail is retrieved via POP and the folders are stored as local files
> on the PC's local disk.  Only other potentially relevant configuration
> factoid I can think of is that the file system is ReiserFS (Reiser 3.6).
> If you want to know more, tell me what you want to know and I'll dig it
> up.
> Any pointers, suggestions or help you can offer will be appreciated.
> Drew

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