Re: [Evolution] PGP and Evolution

On Fri, 2004-01-09 at 04:55, Thomas Spuhler wrote:
I think I remember having seen a problem when using richtext in outlook
since that comes up with and ATT00002.txt attachment or similar.

This is not authoritative (I haven't used Outlook + Exchange +
GroupShield for over 2 years, thank bog), but:

We used to run into problems like this because (we suspected)
GroupShield (the McAffee VirusScan server plugin for Exchange) would
decide that the .asc signature attachment was a virus, and so would
"replace" it with ATT002.txt.

Have a peak in whatever attachment you end up getting - see if it is, in
fact, an OpenPGP ascii armoured detached signature, or whether it's "Hi!
This attachment has been replaced because we thought it looked like
binary data (sic) and so might have contained a virus"

Real pain.

But then, like I said, that's why we don't use such software anymore.


Andrew Frederick Cowie
Operational Dynamics Consulting Pty Ltd

Australia: +61 2 9977 6866  North America: +1 646 472 5054

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