Re: [Evolution] PGP and Evolution

There's a problem with GnuGP and Evolution: when I send a mail to a
friend, and this friend uses Outlook, the mail appears empty.
What can I do?

hi pablo,

evolution uses pgp/mime, means that the signature is attached as a seperate
file ("signature.asc") to the message and that it is not put into the body of
the message ("inline").
micros~1 outlook and outlook express do not display your email "normally",
but put your entire email into an attachment named "ATT00002.txt" or something
like this - perhaps your friend did not see the attachment (can happen very
quickly when using outlook, imho).

it seems that there doesn't exist another solution than whether not signing
your outgoing emails by evolution or your recipient's using another
standards-supporting email program or complaining to micros~1...

take a look into the archives at
<> or
< lists ximian com/msg00420.html>, for example, if you are interested in


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