Re: [Evolution] Spam Filter -- I need volunteers

On Thu, 2003-01-16 at 13:46, Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder wrote:
[no cc:s please, I read the list]

Fair enough. Sorry about that.

Huh!? Ok, forget it.

Thanks for your summary dismissal. 

I'm interested in fighting spam. But I'm also somewhat strict in the use
of opensource software - I won't use binary only software.

That's your prerogative, and I respect your point of view, although I do
not necessarily agree with you. I've explained my reasons for the binary
only release, and mentioned that I'm open to providing the source code.
I simply ask that you also respect my point of view and avoid comments
like "forget it", which really do not add to anything other than my
blood pressure :-)

And exactly what happens if *you* happen to disagree with spamassassin?

I tweak the rules. It's occasionally necessary, but by now bogofilter
works very well so I give it more and more weight. I'd say there's <1%
false negatives and <.1% false positives (and those are mostly from
discussions about spam, sometimes containing parts of actual spam
messages - so I can understand that the system gets confused).

My point is, wouldn't it be better if the system were able to learn to
tweak its own rules, particularly if you could train it to do so
directly from within Evo, rather than by having to change the rules
manually? I'm not interested in creating "the Spamassassin killer"
(pardon the pun)--I'd rather learn from it--but perhaps there is a more
convenient solution.



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