Re: [Evolution] Evolution Mangles Attachments?

I think maybe the problem is that it is being sent as a plaintext
attachment, rather than application/pdf?  When I attach a document,
Evolution (or more properly, GNOME) is correctly identifying the file
type--see attachment below (sorry--it's the only PDF on my disk that I'm
sure I have the right to redistribute!).

Yeah this is the problem.  This crashed my old version of pre 1.2 i use
in the indexer (well in iconv i think).

Currently evolution does conversion to utf8 and back again for any
text/* data, which is used for indexing and to simplify the api.  This
is the main reason inline pgp can't be supported too ... its a bit of a
big change, although we want to do it one day.

Its probably trying to iconv the data from your locale charset (since it
is 8 bit data and hence not us-ascii) into utf8, and then back again
when it saves it ... which would probably just result in a mess.

Workaround: fix your mime types.

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