Re: [Evolution] Beta 1 test

On Thu, 2002-09-26 at 02:31, Ettore Perazzoli wrote:
- When i am not connected to Internet (but I am not on of line mode) i
have a message box saying that Evolution could not retrieve mail with
only one button "Close". May be we could have a second button "Work of
line" in this message box to switch into the Of-Line mode. 

too complicated to do. it's a generic exception reporting system, it has
no idea why it failed it just know it failed and so throws up a dialog.

The back-end is what sets the exceptions, but it doesn't know anything
about "going offline" and wouldn't have any way of adding this button

It still sounds like a worthwhile usability addition, so it would be
nice to have this done for 1.4.

I thought 1.4 was only the gnome2 port?

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