Re: [Evolution] Beta 1 test

On Tue, 2002-09-24 at 16:49, Jean-Michel Ardantz wrote:
I have just installed the 1.2 beta 1 and I particularly appreciate the
multi-languages spell checker.I have noticed some thinks that could
perhaps be improved or that seems not working properly. May be some of
them are already corrected in CVS.

- When i am not connected to Internet (but I am not on of line mode) i
have a message box saying that Evolution could not retrieve mail with
only one button "Close". May be we could have a second button "Work of
line" in this message box to switch into the Of-Line mode. 

too complicated to do. it's a generic exception reporting system, it has
no idea why it failed it just know it failed and so throws up a dialog.

The back-end is what sets the exceptions, but it doesn't know anything
about "going offline" and wouldn't have any way of adding this button

- When receiving a mail with many attachments, the context menu of each
of the attachments should have an option "Save all attachments". Then
the user will be prompt to select a directory and all of th attachments 
would be save in one operation.

this has been reported before

- The advanced item in the search combo list is not always displaying
the search dialog box.

this was fixed last night I think.

Mail composer
- Switching signature on the Mail Composer not working very well. Some
signatures are not displaying.

fixed the day after 1.1.1 was released.

- Script signature seems not working. For example "/usr/games/fortune"
not displaying anything.

fixed yesterday

- Strange but i can have only 70-80 characters per line in text mode
even if the window if larger. Work fine in HTML mode. Is it the normal

yes, this is intended behaviour. the many mail related specifications
strongly urge that clients wrap at 72 characters to support older mail
clients that apparently use an ~80 byte buffer to read lines and also
for console clients that use an 80-character-wide screen.


Jeffrey Stedfast
Evolution Hacker - Ximian, Inc.
fejj ximian com  -

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