[Evolution] Beta 1 test

I have just installed the 1.2 beta 1 and I particularly appreciate the
multi-languages spell checker.I have noticed some thinks that could
perhaps be improved or that seems not working properly. May be some of
them are already corrected in CVS.

- When i am not connected to Internet (but I am not on of line mode) i
have a message box saying that Evolution could not retrieve mail with
only one button "Close". May be we could have a second button "Work of
line" in this message box to switch into the Of-Line mode. 

- When receiving a mail with many attachments, the context menu of each
of the attachments should have an option "Save all attachments". Then
the user will be prompt to select a directory and all of th attachments 
would be save in one operation.

- The advanced item in the search combo list is not always displaying
the search dialog box.

Mail composer
- Switching signature on the Mail Composer not working very well. Some
signatures are not displaying.

- Script signature seems not working. For example "/usr/games/fortune"
not displaying anything.

- Strange but i can have only 70-80 characters per line in text mode
even if the window if larger. Work fine in HTML mode. Is it the normal

That's all

Jean-Michel Ardantz <jmardantz ifrance com>

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