Re: [Evolution] Proxy help!

Le mer 11/09/2002 à 04:53, Angus Beath a écrit :
Hey all,

I've been using evolution 1.0.8-3mdk with no trouble at all for quite a
while, however it has now stopped using the proxy settings to access the
net. This is a quite a problem for me. I've checked out the proxy
settings using gconftool and fixed them up, and I have also set the
gnome proxy stuff up properly. does anyone have any ideas about what I
might be missing or even where to start diagnosing this?

When you test Mandrake cooker (or Beta or RC) packages, you should send
first your bug report to cooker mailing list, since it might be an
cooker issue..

I think you are having a migration problem because I changed our
gnome-vfs 1 package to use GNOME2 GConf keys for proxy settings since
Proxy configuration dialog for G2 only takes care of new GConf keys..

I'll try to fix our gnome-vfs1 package to ease migration..

Frederic Crozat

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