[Evolution] Evolving

I was not aware till it was gone...

I just loaded the darn evolution thing yesterday GUYS. I do like it I
have not tried it very long just qpopped in to hear what ch'all had to
say about it.

bad pun i know.

actually I like the shell a lot I am not a developer but I run a
business and I deal with (to me) hoards of truly malicious email so yes
a drop in for procmail would be appreciated I have tried it every which
way and it won't obey procmail at least so far and then my time is up
you know.... So I am using Balsa as a backend end to pull for procmail
and then resort on this end from another routed address that Balsa send
the sifted stuff to.... which BTW the sort in the main inbox isn't
working I have the latest update version.... it sorts subject lines to
like 30 chars and then drops dead. 

Well I can configure procamil around that too I suppose, another pop
email will handle it...I hate using balsa, it's so clunky but its real
functional and simple, click and go drop in mail parser for me anyway, I
like the smooth feel of this evoluted mailbox I would like to combine
the best of both... 

why won't procmail work with evolution anyone know?

what was really weird when I had it sending mail to my ISP smtp instead
of using sendmail it was showing the whole world my internal network
addresses via headers I have never seen a mailer do that one before...

otherwise excellent work guys I will ship in my procmail formula soon...


Not that I mind, but wanted to make sure that you were aware that you
emailed me directly.

On Tue, 2002-09-10 at 20:55, Susan wrote:
when I hear of so many concurrent problems I think of hackers...
probes... etc...

I only use it after the mail has been filtered mangled and rerouted by
I have previously had similar configurations, but no 

problem is, the evolution is real neat, I cannot shutoff html mail so
convert all mail to plain text via procamil before it hits the
Sounds like a crazy thing to do.  U hv a requirement?

sounds more like email bugs you guys got than anything else. 
email bugs you guys?

filtered mailed does wonders...

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