Re: [Evolution] non-MS server for home use

Well, it's not an Evolution based solution, but I've just set up a web
based groupware solution in our local city hall specifically to share
calendars without Outlook or an Exchange server. If you get a web server
(like Apache), PHP, and a db (like MySQL) running on one box, then users
anywhere on your LAN can access shared calendars and a whole lot more
through any web browser. The options we tried are Moregroupware,
phpGroupware, PHProjekt, and Twig, and the city manager gave thumbs up
to Moregroupware today. Sorry, you'll have to Google for the URLs --
they're on my work machine and I'm at home right now. Your Linux distro
probably has most or all of what you need on your installation CDs,

I agree with you: Evolution rocks! If I could have done the above with
Evolution, I would have.

Warren Post
United Nations Volunteer - Information Services Department
City of Santa Rosa de Copán, Honduras

El dom, 08-09-2002 a las 22:42, Sean Kirkpatrick escribió:
I tried to check the FAQ listed in the Welcome message to this list but
the page couldn't be found. So...

I love Evolution and want to get my wife using it. To do so, I need to
have something that will allow us to share our calendars. I saw the PCS
listed on Ximian's web site in the developer area, but found nothing
about how to make it work.

I _really_ do not want to install Win2K server to bring up an exchange
server so that SWMBO and I can share our calendars. Is there something
else out there that we can use to do this?



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