Re: [Evolution] SMTP AUTH and Evo

søn, 2002-09-01 kl. 22:54 skrev Adam Williams:

GSSAPI is what provides Kerberos V, yes?

No, Kerberos V provides Kerberos V.

I've asked about this on the
list a couple of times.  I've seen other people ask about it.  Kerberos
networks are hardly rare, and becoming more common.

I'd dispute that. I would assert that Kerberos is an outdated system
from the beginning of time that is rapidly being overtaken by more
recent technology. And I know, because I have to know how to configure
and use it.

Linux boxes in a
WinY2k domain are almost certainly using Kerberos V.

That is not so.

Please consider
this requested.  Evolution is the only app that I actually have to enter
a password (beyond gdm of course) to access stuff.

You wouldn't have to enter a password unless someone (a sysadmin?) made
that mandatory. Having to enter a password does not mean anything else
than that you are required to authenticate yourself by any one of
several different means. If you have to enter a password in Evo, you'd
have to enter it in Mozilla or Outlook as well.




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