Re: [Evolution] SMTP AUTH and Evo

GSSAPI is what provides Kerberos V, yes?


I've asked about this on the list a couple of times.  I've seen other
people ask about it.

Yeah, it's not that no one's asked about it, it's that
     1. GSSAPI is about 10 times more complicated than Kerberos 4, and
     2. We've never had a krb5 IMAP or POP server to test against

Kerberos networks are hardly rare, and becoming more common.  Linux
boxes in a WinY2k domain are almost certainly using Kerberos V.

But Exchange 2000 doesn't do SASL GSSAPI for POP and IMAP, so having Evo
support krb5 won't actually help most of them.

-- Dan

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