Re: [Evolution] SMTP AUTH and Evo

Currently we support the following SASL mechanisms:
Some might say that a number of these, if not all, are not SASL. Others
might say, that they find you have a great product anyway and know what
you mean. They might also say that, on a Sunday, as an old employer of
mine once asked: "Ain't you got no home to go to?"
We've also got code for ANONYMOUS, but it's not hooked up to anything
iirc, mostly because it works slightly different from the rest.
At some point we also plan on adding GSSAPI (but so far no one seems to
have requested it?).
No. Well, I don't need it yet, either.

GSSAPI is what provides Kerberos V, yes?  I've asked about this on the
list a couple of times.  I've seen other people ask about it.  Kerberos
networks are hardly rare, and becoming more common.  Linux boxes in a
WinY2k domain are almost certainly using Kerberos V.  Please consider
this requested.  Evolution is the only app that I actually have to enter
a password (beyond gdm of course) to access stuff.

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