[Evolution] SMTP AUTH and Evo

Hallo people,

Quiestion from a Unix sysadmin (Exim 4 smtp).

I have Evo 1.0.8 for a private setup with Exim 4. I use RH rpms and
don't want to compile endless Evo CVS updates - I've better things to

As Exim mail/sysadmin I'd like Evo to do EHLO, STARTTLS, AUTH (PLAIN,

O.k., 1.0.8 doesn't do STARTTLS (Mozilla 1.1 *does*), but that's in the
pipeline, I can wait.

It does AUTH PLAIN as well, because I use that.

Does it also support other AUTH types, like CRAM_MD5, SPA (Exim) or some
of those and  GSSAPI, DIGEST-MD5, LOGIN (Sendmail)?

Will it in the future?




Tony Earnshaw

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