Re: [Evolution] Account with mailinglist

On Thu, 2002-10-10 at 00:01, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
yea, the X-Evolution-Source header

Here the (almost) full headers of your mail:

If we fail to uncover which address the message was sent to via the
To/Cc recipients, we look at the X-Evolution-Source header.

You seem to be running an old snapshot, so maybe your version doesn't
have my From-account-picker fix which uses the logic I just described.
Before (in 1.1.x) it defaulted to the X-Evolution-Source account always
but people complained and wanted the 1.0.x behaviour back.

I just installed the latest snapshot and still I don't get the desired
result. Something I just realized: I have different accounts from the
same server. These are actually aliases, I retrieve them all with just
one of the accounts. That is the only one where I added a pop-account.
So webmaster lanzone be is my actual account which receives the mails.
The X-Evolution-Source also states this account. However, when pressing
reply, evolution still uses my default address, from my isp, where it
should chose the address webmaster lanzone be (according to your

I guess my problem never will be solved by using the headers. Isn't it
possible to get evolution to default to accounts when sending to a
specific contact?


Mathy Vanvoorden

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