Re: [Evolution] Account with mailinglist

On Wed, 2002-10-09 at 22:30, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
Envelope-To: is not a standard header as far as I'm aware. Plus none of
my messages seem to even have it.

Envelope-To: is added by a couple of MTAs (specifically exim, I think at
least one other does, and in exim it is configurable in the transport
definition), at delivery time.   It is basically an exact analog of
Return-Path but for the recipient address rather than the sender.

The reliability of Envelope-To: depends on your mail system configs -
for example I rewrite all addresses when they hit our edge mail system,
and the system they are delivered onto sees them all as
nigel+something internal-mailsystem (where something is derived from the
original recipient address) - and this is what is in the Envelope-To:
header added on final delivery.  Obviously if you do nasty things to
your mail like this then Envelope-To: is not directly usable ...

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