Re: [Evolution] Evolution and OpenLDAP: POSSIBLE RESOLUTION?

I dunno really what the case is, but I want to know if this sounds like
enough of a bug to go ahead and just get it logged so someone more
knowledgable than I can actually look at it, or look at it with my help,

On Wed, 2002-10-09 at 14:17, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
ons, 2002-10-09 kl. 19:33 skrev Dieter Kluenter:

The latter entry fails and asks for authentication over and over,
the former just works, after I've authenticated to the exchange

That depends on the authentication method, your ldap server is
probabely requiring strong authentication and evolution is not able
handle strong authentication yet.

I wanted to open a bug on this, but I don't want this "hole" to
closed per se so I can't use LDAP at all, rather I would like the
to be fixed so it does work.


You've written all that to help some poor b*gg*r whilst your
is completely wrong:

That is not a bug in evolution but a matter of your ldap server's
access configuration.

It's a rotten, filthy, great big bug in Evolution which stops
ever competing with Microsoft Outlook and it's all Ximian's fault (no
Ximian names, no Ximian pack drill.) 

There is namely *nothing* wrong with the server, or any other Exchange
server, it follows rfcs 2222 et sequitur to the letter.




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