Re: [Evolution] Account with mailinglist

Envelope-To: is not a standard header as far as I'm aware. Plus none of
my messages seem to even have it.


On Wed, 2002-10-09 at 16:54, Mathy Vanvoorden wrote:
On Wed, 2002-10-09 at 22:15, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
ons, 2002-10-09 kl. 21:39 skrev Mathy Vanvoorden:

When replying to a mailinglist, evolution doesn't automagically select
the mail-account on which the mail was originally received, so everytime
I reply I have to choose the correct account again. Many mails have come
back just because I forget to change the account :-) Any way to get
around this?

Lanzone gives you, just as Demon gives me, the chance to choose
different account names for different accounts. My accounts could be
billy billy demon nl, tonni billy demon nl, postmaster billy demon nl,
for example. And they are.

I don't see what this has to do with my question? I know I can make as
much accounts as I want @, because it is my domain, but
that's not my question. My question is: When I receive a mail from this
mailinglist at the address evolution lanzone be, I want evolution to
choose that account to send it again when replying, but it doesn't, it
chooses my default account. However, when I pressed reply-to-all to your
last message, it did choose the correct account, probably because the
evolution lanzone be - address is in the to:-field. When I open a random
message from this list the full headers show this:

Envelope-to: evolution lanzone be

Can't evolution use this address to determine which account it will be
using, instead of the to: or cc: field which it obviously uses...

En ja, 'tis waar, ge kunt geen Nierlands versta nie, ik ben daar gaan

Uw Nederlands is anders ook niet al te schitterend ;-)


Mathy Vanvoorden

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