Re: [Evolution] Determining the account used for sending mail

Hi guys, 

I've been following this discussion a bit, and I'm a little confused as
to what the problem is. This is my first post to the list too, so I'm
more than likely way behind.

Why doesn't Evolution simply use the account in the "To:" tag when you
do an action on a received message?  If it can't find it, use the
default.  Sounds simple.

What's the problem with the code below?

Hm, maybe we could do:

if (number_of_remote_stores == 1)     // What is this var? CN
    identity = guess_from_message()   // Parse header for account info CN
    identity = guess_from_store_uri() // What's being checked here? CN

if (identity == NULL)
    identity = default_identity()

I think that would cover things pretty well.


Christopher Ness

Engineering 1 Assistant
McMaster University,
Software Engineering III

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