[Evolution] Determining the account used for sending mail

I've recently switched to the 1.1.x development snapshots, and the
process evolution uses to determine the outgoing account/identity used
when sending messages has changed.

I have one receiving account defined - an IMAP server - and around 5
other accounts with no receive option, and the sending information all
the same other than the email address field.  Mail from all of those
accounts ends up on the same IMAP server (although in different

With evolution 1.0.x the appropriate sending account was normally picked
when replying to messages, presumably by matching the accounts against
information in the To/Cc fields in the messages being replied to.

With evolution 1.1.x a new message has the default account applied to
it.  Any replies or forwards use the account which matches the IMAP

I can modify messages on delivery to add headers etc if needed, so if
there is a header I can tweak to "persuade" evo to pick the right
outgoing account that would help.

Otherwise can someone give me a clue as to how evo chooses the outgoing

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