Re: Newbie questions/comments (Was: Re: [Evolution] Wish list/Todo ?)

On Thu, 2002-07-18 at 08:26, Oliver Sturm wrote:
On Wed, 2002-07-17 at 12:55, Not Zed wrote:

Yes! Submit feature requests as bugs with status "enhancement" at

 ... after checking it isn't already there.

Also separate features into individual reports, not a big one with 10

Ok. As I have already compiled a list of things I was wondering about,
I'll post it here first. Maybe some of the issues are related to the
fact that I haven't had a close enough look yet. Here goes, in no
specific order:

        * Insert my signature text without the leading '-- '. I'd like
          to have my name in the signature text so I don't have to type
          it all the time, but above the '-- '. I can easily insert it
          myself, but it duplicates the way it currently is.

I don't understand. It is a standard practice to put "-- \n" and then
start the signature - in fact many mail clients EXPECT this to be the
delimeter or they will not "work" properly. So no, this will not change.

        * Configure the SMTP server port, especially for SSL. There
          seems to be no way to use anything but the standard ports. I
          have an SSL capable server on port 25 and this doesn't seem to
          be possible currently.

You already can. There's no separate port GtkEntry because you are able
to type it in with the hostname, just like you would in a browser.

        * I'd like to use an external command to send mail, but it's not
          called sendmail. This cannot currently be configured, can it?

exim/postfix/etc all have sendmail-like arguments so all you have to do
is make a symlink called sendmail and have it point to your
postfix/exim/qmail/whatever program.

if this is not what you mean, then you can always write your own
provider because if it isn't a sendmail clone, then we don't want to
waste our time.

        * The message preview pane can be hidden/shown with the key Q.
          Can I also do that with the mouse in some faster way than
          opening the menue/clicking the menu item? A hot button

no, and in fact this has been removed in the development branch, there
are no longer any single-key accelerators because of the new feature in
the message-list that uses them.

        * Selecting my folders for Drafts and Sent, I can't see (when
          opening the dialog) which is the current setting. Mine are on
          an IMAP server and I'm always unsure whether I already set
          them for an account or not, because the buttons always only
          say Drafts and Sent.

this is already fixed in the development versions by telling you which
"store" the folder is on. It's a lot more clear than it was in 1.0.x

        * Selecting my own PGP/GPG key could be easier with a combo box
          or something.

sure, I guess. might be nice if someone could send me a patch to do this

        * In my configuration, when checking someone's PGP signature, I
          always get a gpg message displayed:



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