Re: Newbie questions/comments (Was: Re: [Evolution] Wish list/Todo ?)

        * I'd like to use an external command to send mail, but it's not
          called sendmail. This cannot currently be configured, can it?

exim/postfix/etc all have sendmail-like arguments so all you have to do
is make a symlink called sendmail and have it point to your
postfix/exim/qmail/whatever program.

if this is not what you mean, then you can always write your own
provider because if it isn't a sendmail clone, then we don't want to
waste our time.

Well, you could just write a script that takes sendmail-like arguments
and wraps whatever you want to use.

        * The message preview pane can be hidden/shown with the key Q.
          Can I also do that with the mouse in some faster way than
          opening the menue/clicking the menu item? A hot button

no, and in fact this has been removed in the development branch, there
are no longer any single-key accelerators because of the new feature in
the message-list that uses them.

No, it's changed to "`" now, which is pretty inconvenient on this
keyboard.  There's no way to do it with the mouse directly though.

        * Selecting my own PGP/GPG key could be easier with a combo box
          or something.

sure, I guess. might be nice if someone could send me a patch to do this

Something like this will have to be done eventually though.

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