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Try to check for supported authentication types.

On Thu, 2002-07-18 at 15:02, Oliver Sturm wrote:
Quoting proXy <davyd iprimus com au>:

        * Configure the SMTP server port, especially for SSL. There
          seems to be no way to use anything but the standard ports. I
          have an SSL capable server on port 25 and this doesn't seem to
          be possible currently.

I think this is also possible, try setting your smtp server to

Ok, even the manual has that :-) Only I hadn't read it. Well, it seems I have
a problem nevertheless, because when using SSL, Evolution hangs when
trying to connect to my SSL-enabled qmail server (I entered the server
name with :25 appended, the way you are suggesting). Can anyone say
that this should definitely work?

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