Re: [Evolution] Lost Folder Namespace

On Tue, 2002-08-06 at 17:28, Lonnie Borntreger wrote:
On Tue, 2002-08-06 at 15:04, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
> I set namespace="mail" in my evolution config and my folder list
> displays correctly as follows:
> [-] fejj localhost
>     |- INBOX
>    [-] mail
>     | [-] gnome
>     |  |  |- desktop-devel
>     |  |  |- foundation
>     |  |  |- gnome2-list
>     |  |  |- gnome-cvs
>     |  |  |- gnome-list
>     | [-] ximian
>     |     |- evolution
>     |     |- evolution-hackers
>     |     |- evolution-patches
>     |- Trash
> keep in mind that the namespace is ONLY used for limiting the LIST/LSUB
> commands - it does NOT trim the namespace from the folder names.

That is NOT using the namespace.

sure it is.

  The concept of the folder namespace is
so that you define a "sandbox" for the client to search for folders in. 
IOW, if you turn off "Show Subscribed Only", you still should be
restricted to only seeing what is under the defined namespace.  If you
EVER see files outside of that folder namespace, then it is not working

sure, and even if I turn off "Only Show Subscribed folders" I still only see the same tree. it only requests the folders within mail/

the reason Trash is outside of mail/ is because it's not a real folder, it's a vTrash folder that *always* gets added at the toplevel.

  If I do that in CVS Evo now, the folder bar will show my

doesn't for me, and it won't for you either if you set your namespace to "mail".

, which is NOT inside my folder namespace - and not even shown
as a folder I can subscribe to, since the subscription view uses the

no, the subscription view is broken and lists each folder twice, once as toplevel and once not. It needs to be rewritten to display it just like the folder-tree is now.

Any other IMAP mailer I've used (OE, Outlook, Netscape, Mozilla, pine,
previous versions of evolution...) - even if it's just "hidden behind
the scenes" - does not show any folders that make up the namespace - or
any files outside of it (subscribed or not).  For example, if you used
namespace="mail" in any of those, your folder list would look like:

[-] fejj localhost
    |- INBOX
   [-] gnome
    |  |- desktop-devel
    |  |- foundation
    |  |- gnome2-list
    |  |- gnome-cvs
    |  |- gnome-list
   [-] ximian
    |  |- evolution
    |  |- evolution-hackers
    |  |- evolution-patches
    |- Trash

uh, you were saying?

I find that change in the display annoying, but but that is not the
problem I'm seeing with subscribing.  The problem is that some parts of
the code are "hiding" that namespace path, and others aren't.  That is
the only reason I can come up with for the fact that the Folder Bar does
not show subscribed folders.  Somewhere between the subscribe and the
show, they are not communicating the same "namespace" language.

yea, the subscribe dialog is broken.

Try deleting your account in Evo, removing your imap local store, and
then re-adding the account.  Then you'll see the problem.  That's when I
first ran into it.  Just running a "newer" Evo with my old config
started showing files outside the namespace, but the folders under the
namespace were still there.  (and as long as Evo finds your old local
store, it will be fine - but that is not what a new user will see)

the old store is there because the cache dirs overlap. you need to rm -rf it as I've said a hundred times.


Jeffrey Stedfast
Evolution Hacker - Ximian, Inc.
fejj ximian com  -

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