Re: [Evolution] Usability issues and bugs

On Wed, 19 Sep 2001 13:08:52 -0700 (PDT), dpeterso ne orst edu wrote:

Hello all,

Evolution really seems to be making some nice progress towards a release,
but there are still several problems I'm seeing, and want to check here
first before filing bug reports.  I have all red-carpet updates for
MDK7.0.  I'm running evolution-0.13-ximian.7, apparently built 9/12.

1) Reply doesn't work.  The message window pops up with the FROM: and
TO: fields filled in, but when trying to send the message, repeated
errors like "Address not present" occur.  Finally after repeatedly trying
to enter the TO: field manually, it was accepted.

I can not comment on the other items you mentioned, but I have
encountered the Reply not working correctly as you have described above. 
Have noticed this with 2 machines each using SuSE7.2 with Evolution
0.13.7 and all the latest (Sept 18) updates from Red Carpet.  The issue
of the TO: field not recognizing that an address is present seems to be
frequent but not absolutely every time.


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