Re: [Evolution] Usability issues and bugs

On Wed, 2001-09-19 at 13:08, dpeterso ne orst edu wrote:
4) I can't find how to do this, but it seems it should be configurable:
how to show the ACTUAL EMAIL ADDRESS in the header fields rather than
Nicknames?  For example, for one person, let's call her "Karen", I have 3
email addresses with associated aliases:  kw for karen work com, kh for
karen home com, and ky for karen yahoo com   Now, regardless of which
address or alias I use for composing, the TO: field only prints "Karen".
Not very enlightening.  There seems to be no way to see what address it's
actually going to!

If you right-click on the underlined name in the "To" field, you will
see a list of all email addresses associated with that name, and a
little "bullet" mark next to the one that is currently selected.  You
can also change this here.

I don't think it's ideal, but I also can't think of a much better way to
do it, except to expand the whole email address but that's ugly and
usually unnecessary.  Well, then again I think a reasonable solution
would be to put "Karen (1)", "Karen (2)" etc. for contacts with multiple
addresses.  It would also be nice if the email address was displayed as
a pop-up tooltip for each name.


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