[Evolution] Usability issues and bugs

Hello all,

Evolution really seems to be making some nice progress towards a release,
but there are still several problems I'm seeing, and want to check here
first before filing bug reports.  I have all red-carpet updates for
MDK7.0.  I'm running evolution-0.13-ximian.7, apparently built 9/12.

1) Reply doesn't work.  The message window pops up with the FROM: and
TO: fields filled in, but when trying to send the message, repeated
errors like "Address not present" occur.  Finally after repeatedly trying
to enter the TO: field manually, it was accepted.

2a) (I thought a bug like this had been filed, but can't find it on
bugzilla) After the initial grab of mail, future updates/grabs of incoming
mail bombs with "Cannot sych .../evolution/Inbox/mbox: too many open
2b) However, the situation is now even worse.  Now, after this "error" it
appears that any unrad mail is inaccessable.  All unread messages still on
the IMAP server failed with "No body in FETCH".  Only after exiting and
restarting was I able to acess those messages...until the next update
which caused the "too many open files" error.  VERY bad.

3) Digested mailing list entries have odd behavior.  Under "Normal"
message viewing, the digest body only displays the header of each message.
If I select to view the message as "Entire email body", then back to
"Normal", I get the headers as well as the text.  This seems to be a bug.

4) I can't find how to do this, but it seems it should be configurable:
how to show the ACTUAL EMAIL ADDRESS in the header fields rather than
Nicknames?  For example, for one person, let's call her "Karen", I have 3
email addresses with associated aliases:  kw for karen work com, kh for
karen home com, and ky for karen yahoo com   Now, regardless of which
address or alias I use for composing, the TO: field only prints "Karen".
Not very enlightening.  There seems to be no way to see what address it's
actually going to!

Donald A. Peterson       | dpeterso engr orst edu
Ph.D. Research Associate |
Dept. of Chemistry       | PH:  (541) 737-7079
Oregon St. University    | FAX: (541) 737-0480

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