Re: [Evolution] Usability issues and bugs

On Wed, 2001-09-19 at 13:42, dpeterso ne orst edu wrote:
On 19 Sep 2001, Eric Lambart had this to say:

I don't think it's ideal, but I also can't think of a much better way to
do it, except to expand the whole email address but that's ugly and
usually unnecessary.  Well, then again I think a reasonable solution

Well, I don't know.  Most email clients I've seen show both anyway if an
alias or nickname exists:  "Karen <karen home com>".  I think clarity is
preferable to appearance in >95% of cases. And it could be debated as to
how "ugly" it really is, but I see your point.

I also see your point, and agree.  I hadn't considered displaying the
e-mail address only for such contacts, but it makes a lot of sense and
is definitely the clearest indication, at the small sacrifice of some
room for display of names within the available space.

addresses.  It would also be nice if the email address was displayed as
a pop-up tooltip for each name.

This also could be nice, but if I'm composing, I don't want to have to go
bump the mouse around to find out if I'm doing The Right Thing.

I hate pointing devices in general though moving to linux from Windoze
has forced me to get used to it (one can do almost ANYTHING in Windows
without the mouse).  The tooltip idea was just a though. It'd be way
down at the bottom of MY wishlist, too.  Of course the way it is now you
have to reach for the mouse to find this information anyway.


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