Re: [Evolution] Current pet-hates for evolution

Why do you have more than one INBOX?  I use IMAP, and my folder tree is
like this:

+ OneEighty
|- Archive
|- Mailing Lists
|  |- Evolution
|  \- Galeon

Do you run multiple IMAP accounts for each mailing list?

Yes I have an IMAP account for each mailing list I subscribe to. I am
running my own email server here, so I have no problem creating as many
account as I want. 

I found that there are many advantages of using one e-mail address per

1) better control of spam. If a spammer gets hold of one of my e-mail I
know where he got it from and can unsubscribe from that list and
subscribe again with another e-mail address.

2) I don't need filters or vFolders to organize my e-mails.

3) When on the road I might choose to read only some of my mailing
lists. No unnecessary downloads

4) Can easily share a list with my co-workers without incurring more
disk space

The only problem with this solution is that Evolution use 2 lines per
IMAP account. One for the account and one for the Inbox folder. I just
wish it would see that I subscribe to only one folder and inline it wth
the account name. 



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