[Evolution] Current pet-hates for evolution

This is my current minor nag list for evo - I can turn these into
bugzilla reports if anyone wants me to.

I am using the 2001.09.16 snapshot from Red Carpet on RH 7.1.

1. Tab key in compose
   Stopped working in snapshots a week or so back. 
   Used to insert a tab, now just causes the cursor
   to vanish.

2. Keyboard navigation around mail folders:-
   (a) Tab sometimes cycles between folder-list/folder-toc/search
       and sometimes doesn't include folder-list in the cycle
       no idea why it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't

   (b) Next unread message (n key) only works if there is a
       selected message in the current folder.  Would be wonderful
       if it went to the first unread message if there was no
       selected message.

These are the mis-features that I hit every day (actually several times
an hour) so although minor they register high on my irritation meter :-)

Other than that I have been using evo full time since I changed machines
back round may/june time.


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