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On Wed, 2001-09-19 at 15:09, Pascal DeMilly wrote:

I've got a feeling that is a window manager issue.
Might be but here is a very simple example that you can try on your
system and let us know if you have the same problem.

Open an e-mail message. Then go back to the main evolution window and
press send/receive button. The focus logically, at least for me, should
stay with the main window. On my system it is send back to the message I
was viewing. Not really a big deal but still disconcerting.

For me (sawfish, point-to-focus) the main window stayed focused.  I
still believe this is a WM issue.

Are you using control-x/c/v or highlight/middle-click?  I always
highlight to copy, and middle-click to paste and have never found an
instance of non-pasting.
I am using ctrl-x/c/v or the menu items, cut/copy/paste. For example, I
have my compose window opened to write that message. I go back to my
main evolution window, select a word in the preview pane and highlight
it. Then I select copy from the menu (or ctrl-c for that matter), go
back to my compose window and select paste (or ctrl-v). Nothing. Now I
open xterm and select Paste. The word shows up.

That is weird - file a bug report.  I've never seen that as I rarely
control-xcv to copy, only the highlight/middle click method (I find it

Doesn't work for me. Let say  have 3 messages, I click on the 1st and
shift-click on the last one. If I want to deselect the 2nd one, I should
be able to ctrl-click on it. In all instances, evolution will always
select only that message.

Maybe this was recently fixed, or your keyboard is mapped differently to
mine, but this works for me in the 2001-09-18 snapshot.

Weird IMAP behaviour, there should only be one INBOX.  What IMAP
Actually nothing wrong here. I just wish, Evolution will save
real-estate in the folder list by combining the name of the IMAP server
and the name of the Mailbox on one line, instead of 2, when I only
subscribe to one folder in IMAP.

So Instead of

+ Evolution Mailing list
  +- INBOX


Evolution Mailing list: INBOX

Or something like that. When you have a lot of IMAP folders as I do, it
would save a lot of scrolling.

Why do you have more than one INBOX?  I use IMAP, and my folder tree is
like this:

+ OneEighty
|- Archive
|- Mailing Lists
|  |- Evolution
|  \- Galeon

Do you run multiple IMAP accounts for each mailing list?

When I reply to a message or forward it for that matter, I can't tell
without doing a manual search for that message.What would be wonderful
is to have under that message, my reply, in a threaded tree, or at least
when I open that message a link to that reply. I know that I might have
to wait for that one.

Hmm... a small tree view showing all messages "related" to the message
would be nice.

What I meant here is that those packages should be default dependency of
Evolution. Can't imagine, people will not want to use a spell checker
when sending e-mails by default. Especially for us, ESL.

Good point - file a bug.

9. In the compose window, Evolution should look for contacts in
predefined LDAP databases for a matching name.

I belive the Evo guys said they wouldn't do this, at least for 1.0, as
LDAP lookups can take a long time, especially if the LDAP store
contained 10000 people.

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