Re: [Evolution] Current pet-hates for evolution

I can't speak for the developers but I can add comments to the
mail/shell issues:

        1. Focus. something seems unintuitive (at least for me) in
           regards to focus in Evolution. While I usually agree that not
           everything should be a la Microsoft and that not all dialogs
           should be modal, I think the focus should have a stack kind
           of memory. If I don't specifically click on a lower dialog,
           when the focus is brought back it should go the the highest
           dialog on the stack and if I close that window on the one
           before that. The one that dialog originated from

I've got a feeling that is a window manager issue.

        2. While I love Evolution and will promote it at my customers'
           as a replacement to Mozilla mail and balsa as soon as 1.0 is
           out, I am afraid that some instability issues might persist
           (which is completly normal). The fact that there is no easy
           way other than killev to restore it to a stable state is far
           from being acceptable. As you can imagine this is not
           possible at our customers' as we don't give access to shell
           to our end-users as they will not know what to do with it
           anyway. So this is something that needs to be addressed
           before deployment. Note that I could make a shell that killev
           before running evolution but what about oaf-slay ?

My "Evolution" button on my panel runs the command "killev ; evolution".

        3. Have copy works from the message preview pane and other
           read-only dialog. (At least disable the menu option if you
           cannot copy). And have paste works in all fields (like the
           search criteria edit box). PS: Whatever is copied from the
           preview pane can be paste on an xterm but cannot be paste
           anywhere in Evolution. I just don't undertand why !

Are you using control-x/c/v or highlight/middle-click?  I always
highlight to copy, and middle-click to paste and have never found an
instance of non-pasting.

        6. Multiple selection of messages. Wish I could use the control
           key to select non adjacent messages. Maybe there is a way but
           I don;t know it.


        7. View shortcut bar and folder list width size.

IIRC, a known bug.

        8. If there is only one folder under a header in the folder
           list, make the header the folder. For example, I have an IMAP
           folder for the Evolution mailing list. I am only subscribing
           to the Inbox of that folder. In the folder list it shows,
           Evolution then underneath INBOX. I wish it would just show
           one line named Evolution -> Inbox or something like that. As
           I have an IMAP folder for each mailbox I have it would save a
           lot of real estate and I would not need to scroll that much.

Weird IMAP behaviour, there should only be one INBOX.  What IMAP server?

        9. When loading evolution, if there are messages that were saved
           automatically before the last crash, let us know right away.

Good point - I think this should be in bugzilla.

       12. Be able to see if a message has been forwarded or replied to
           and to whom. Would be nice to see the response underneath the
           originating message.

I'm not sure what you mean here.


        1. When replying to an e-mail, the default reply address should
           be the one defined for that folder (very important when you
           have a lot of e-mail addresses like me).

That used to work, but broke recently.

        2. Have spelling working in snapshots by default.

In Red Carpet get aspell/pspell/gnome-spell and it works.

        4. Set status flag, like important, for your review, please
           reply, confidential  etc ...

These flags are non-standard so cannot be guaranteed to work.  However,
IMAP at least does support custom flags.  Evolution is in feature freeze
however, so I suggest filing WISHLIST bug.

The key point is that the developers do not read all of the messages,
and even if they do a bug report they see may not get fixed.  If you
find a bug or have a feature request, it should be filed in BugZilla at

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