Re: [Evolution] Current pet-hates for evolution

On Wed, 2001-09-19 at 04:04, Ross Burton wrote:
I'm not an Evolution developer but I'll comment where I can.

(1)  The stupid liitle empty unclosable window that popsup after I quit
evo.  Mostly it goes away, but why is it there?

I saw that once too... When Evolution has quit but the small window is
there, what evolution processes are running?

I believe its a window that says something like "Evolution is shutting
down". But there's a problem with GTK that it can sometimes take a while
for contents to be drawn. I guess the window is going away before the
content is drawn. Maybe addingt gdk_flush () would help?

The icons are drawn by Tigert and Another Dude (I can't recall his name,
but did excellent work on the splash screens).

Jakob (Jimmac)

The compose window + address book == all of evolution apart from the

These was a project to build a small "mailto" handler but I think
dependancies like that stopped it.

the command evolution mailto:address will bring up a composer window
(According to Luis anyway :)

"It isn't rebels who cause the troubles of the world, 
it's the troubles that cause the rebels." - Carl Oglesby

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