Re: [Evolution] Current pet-hates for evolution


(1)  The stupid liitle empty unclosable window that popsup after I quit
evo.  Mostly it goes away, but why is it there?

(2)  Having to setup each folder/vFolder to my prefered view (for
example adding a size column to the table)

(3)  Not knowing where my new mail has gone (numbers in shortcut bar
don't alaways work)

(4)  Some one else mentioned the copy problem, having to pres reply to
copy text from a mail is a pain...

(5)  Why cant I set an option to automatically recieve new mail on

(6)  Non-Gnome icons on tool bar (and where is option to not have text
on tool bar?)  sisiors are more obviously a cut tool than a clipboard
and an up arrow.  The Past one is ok.

(7)  Why can't the compose window be seperated from the rest of the
app.  I would really like to be able to click on an icon on my panne;
and have the compose window pop up in seconds, complete with address
book stuff and send an email.  Presently I have to load all of
evolution, click th icon, mail my message and then quit evolution.

(8)  Why can't we drag a message from the list onto the shortcut bar and
have it move to a folder, or add a task or contact etc.


(1)  It now seems to remeber it's last window position.

(2)  It looks cool!


  Rob Brown-Bayliss

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