Re: [Evolution] Sharing mail between Mozilla & Evolution

On Wed, 2001-09-19 at 08:23, Jonathan Pryor wrote:

I want to share my mail between Mozilla and Evolution.  In fact, I'm
currently doing just that.  My question is: is this /safe/?

Yes it is completely possible to share mail between Evolution and most
any other mailer:  use IMAP.  :)  While that's probably not the answer
you were looking for, it really is the best solution in terms of
guaranteeing compatibility between any number of mail clients. 

If whomever you're using to store your email (either school or an ISP)
doesn't support IMAP, round up a small IMAP server and run it on your
machine and then use Evolution (or Mozilla) to access it.  You can
convert your existing mailstores to IMAP with a little work and then
just run fetchmail to get your mail for you after that.

I would recommend Cyrus or Courier IMAP.  See and/or


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