Re: [Evolution] Evolution and IMAP access

On Wed, 2001-09-12 at 18:14, David (Demo Monkey) Simmons wrote:

It appears that Evolution dies pretty regularly when any other process
(such as a new-mail notifier) attempts to access the IMAP mailbox. This
is causing me a great deal of greif this am, as I seem to have left a
copy of Netscape Messenger running from home that periodically checks my
email. Every time it does, Evolution's Mail client dies. :-( This does
NOT affect me if I am using Netscape Messenger (which apparently closes,
then re-opens the IMAP mailbox every time it tries an access). I wonder
if this is a 'feature' or a bug that Evolution opens and holds the IMAP
mailbox forever and dies when any other process accesses it...

If anything, this sounds like a problem with your IMAP server. Your IMAP
client at home will (/should) have a completely independent session to 
your IMAP client at work. I am happily running multiple mail checkers
and mail clients concurrently against my IMAP account (Cyrus 2.0.7) with
no problems.

I am experiencing fairly frequent hangs (and crashes) of the mail
component, but it doesn't appear to be related to my IMAP connection. I
guess that's down to using CVS stuff, though. I would report them as
bugs, but only one is readily reproducible, and I'd like to check it out
in gdb first.


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