Re: [Evolution] Evolution and IMAP access

It appears that Evolution dies pretty regularly when any other process
(such as a new-mail notifier) attempts to access the IMAP mailbox.

Works for me. Your IMAP server must be doing something peculiar when
this happens. Can you get a stack trace?

I wonder if this is a 'feature' or a bug that Evolution opens and holds
the IMAP mailbox forever and dies when any other process accesses

Obviously it's not supposed to crash, but yes, it's a feature that it
holds the mailbox open. That's the whole point of IMAP. The protocol is
designed around the assumption that mailers will do that.

Another problem that I can't seem to get around is that the Summary only
seems capable of listing the LOCAL inbox, not an IMAP inbox

Yes, that's in bugzilla.

-- Dan

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