Re: [Evolution] IMAP Trash folder?

I have no idea.  Ximians?

Nothing is changing for 1.0.

After 1.0 (at some point) you'll be able to specify physical trash
folders if you want.

"Deleted Items" is the name of the physical trash folder in the
Outlook/Exchange universe, so having that be the name of the virtual
trash folder in Evolution is just wrong.

If you think we should rename the virtual Trash folder to something
other than "Trash", do a formal usability study and present the results
to us. "Me too"s don't count.

Also, Evolution 1.0 Release Candidate comes out next Monday, so none of
us are really paying much attention to this thread at all. So if
anything important has been said, tell us again in a month. :-)

-- Dan

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