Re: [Evolution] IMAP Trash folder?

10/24/2001 11:26:52 AM, Mike Sangrey <msangrey BlueFeltHat org> wrote:

On Wed, 2001-10-24 at 13:51, Bret Mogilefsky wrote:

My suggestion?  Rename "Trash" to "Deleted Items" and put it down among the
vFolders.  (You can pick something shorter/more specific than "Deleted
Items", as long as it doesn't confuse with "Trash".)  If, as some have
suggested, traditional Trash functionality is available in a later release,
call THAT "Trash", but retain "Deleted Items" for the name of this vFolder.

I think that might work well.  "Deleted Items" becomes one of several
vFolders and "Trash", with its rather concrete, real object nuance fits,

I'm not sure of the protocol, but I think you should move that forward
as a suggestion.  Whether that's bugzilla or what, just do it.

Well you could add it as a "wishlist" bug at, but I would imagine that any "wishlist" 
bugs will be 
ignored before 1.0 comes out.  

Then again, Louie @ Ximian is amazingly thorough at handling all the bugs that come his way so even as a 
wishlist item 
he might make sure this gets some "coderly" attention, especially considering the volume of discussion it's 
on the list (and the fact that opposing viewpoints seem to be next to non-existent, or at least silent).

Bret, if you do file it as a wishlist bug please post the bug # here on the list.


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