Re: [Evolution] Contact list missing - resolved

The newest evolution package is only available on RH because you don't
need it.  Just use the Mandrake ones.

So I don't need the upgrade? I can go back to my Evo.ximian.1 install?

Alternatively leave your system as it is if it works.  db3 will not
access db2 files but my guess is that you probably have the libraries
somewhere if it is working.  rpm shouldn't let you install without
--nodeps if you don't have the needed libs.

I suppose it's possible that the libraries are still around, altho I
definitely did an "rpm -e" to all the db2 packages. How can I verify that I
have the db2 libraries? I see some libdb1 libraries in /lib, but no libdb2
(if that's what they're called).

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