Re: [Evolution] Contact list missing - resolved

On 23 May 2001 10:55:24 +0100, Ross Burton wrote:
I've just installed the new Evo 0.10 RPM from Red Carpet, and it is now
linked to DB 2. This looks like it should fix everyones Contact
problems!  Is Evo going to stay with this version of DB from now on?

Just to provide this information.  It's not going to stay with DB 2.
Specifically because it's using other things on other distros.  We'll be
standardizing on a single libdb.  Probably 3.1.17.

However, there won't be any more upgrade problems.  I have code in my
local repository that makes wombat automatically upgrade your db if it's
an old version.  (It's not checked in because it will break the snapshot
builds until we add a package on those boxes.)


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