Re: [Evolution] Contact list missing - resolved

I've just installed the new Evo 0.10 RPM from Red Carpet, and it is now
linked to DB 2. This looks like it should fix everyones Contact
problems!  Is Evo going to stay with this version of DB from now on?

Please God, let's hope so!


Seems odd - I installed db3; had to re-enter all my contacts last week (you
may remember my messages to this effect). Last night, I installed the latest
RH 6.2 version on my Mandrake 7.2 (there was no Mandrake-specific version of
this updated [I'm presuming mostly bug-fix] version ... will there be?).
Anyway, my contacts stayed availabe thru the upgrade. So I don't know if Evo
is actually linking with DB2 or DB3.

Also, when are the new snapshots from HEAD coming online?

Good question.

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